Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jon & Kate

Damn you US Weekly for making me want to buy you. I feel bad that the Gosselin marriage is in trouble. However, they do have to remember that they let camera's come into their home. Once you are a celebrity everything goes crazy. For the kids sake I hope everything works out. I started watching the show cause they were a struggling family that strived to give what they could to their kids and teach them good values. Now the show seems to have changed. I see alot of vacations. Clearly the family is no longer struggling. But at the same time doesn't that mean they should have more time to spend with their kids? I think the book signing is unnecessary. I love Kate but she should be at home with her kids. The TLC show pays them enough money to where she shouldn't have to leave her kids for some book signing.

*Granted I did enjoy seeing her at the book signing. Maybe she should do less and bring the kids.


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