Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wells Fargo fires Exec


Hahahahahaha. Okay okay here's the story. So Wells Fargo fired a senior vice president after investigating that she held lavish parties at a foreclosed beachfront Malibu house owned by the bank. Cheronda Guyton must be part of the dumbest people club. Why on earth would you think that using a company owned home for your own personal use ever be acceptable? Well Cheronda is paying the price now. I wonder who will hire her now? "Why did you leave Wells Fargo?" "I was let go for violating a company policy." "Which policy was it" "Oh no biggie I just used a foreclosed home to throw ROCKIN parties. You know the ones where guest arrive in a yacht."
Kudos to Wells Fargo for taking action. The People need to know that the system is not being taken advantage of and that people who take advantage of others will get punished.
Good job Wells Fargo.

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