Thursday, December 17, 2009

3 Holiday Items to Stay Away From

The holidays are tough on diets. Here are 3 items to stay away from during the holidays.

1. Prime Rib - This cut of meat is one of the fattiest cuts of beef. Hence why it's so tasty. A cooked 6 ounce can have up to 720 calories! Some good alternatives are turkey, cornish game hens, ham, chicken, or fish. If your guests are serious beef eaters consider tenderloin also known as filet mignon.

2. Pecan Pie - This pie is made from butter, sugar, corn syrup, whole eggs, and chopped pecans. Or in other words sugar and fat in a dish. One slice of pecan pie can cost you around 575 calories and that's before whipped cream! If there is another choice choose pumpkin cause it contains fiber and lets be honest just as yummy during this time of the year.

3. Eggnog - This drink is made from whole milk, cream and egg yolks plus any other delightful items you might pour in it. A 8 ounce glass can cost you up to 340 calories. A great subsitutite is apple cider. Still gives you a kick and much less on the calorie content.

Imagine this, if you eat all 3 items at dinner it could cost you 1,635 calories! That's a lot of time at the gym.

Happy holidays and be kind to your waist line! Diets should never start on January 2nd.



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