Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Uh Oh ... not enough ladies?

There is finally a flaw to China only letting each household have 1 child.

Chinese people value men for many reasons. Men generally make more money, can take care of their parents when they come of age, etc. and can carry on the family name.

Now this is all dandy until the government says that in order to control the number of people they are only allowing each household to have 1 child. The exception to this rule is some farming communities, ethnic minorities, and etc. In the late 1980 ultra sounds gave families the advantage of knowing the sex of their child before the child is born. Many family chose to abort fetuses that were female. Now this is finally coming to bite them in the butt. Common sense says that eventually these men will have to marry. If there are more (only) men than women some men are going to not marry or have to marry out of the country.

PS. Does this mean that women in China get to pick the cream of the crop in men? Hahaha ... better be smart, rich, etc cause these ladies have many choices.

Good grief! What happened to asian people being smart? Oh wait ... once again I am proved that common sense has nothing to do with smarts.

Good luck finding a mate Chinese men!



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