Thursday, March 11, 2010

One more reason to switch to a iphone

So lately I have been considering the options about switching my Crackberry to a iphone. I know I know. I have always been such a Blackberry fan. But lately my Crackberry has been sucking. I keep having message problems. My internet is slow. I can't go to many sites which I find super lame. Oh and my whole phone in general seems slow. I am super sad.

So I have been considering switching to a iphone. I called Tmoblie and my contract doesn't end until April 2010. Now that is a super long time.

Then my phone informed me of this ... Cupcake Maker on the iphone. The application lets you decorate a cupcake and send it to your friends.


If you don't have a iphone you can check out Make My Cupcake.

So one my point goes to the iphone. Damn ... April 2010 can not come soon enough.


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