Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Water Bottles?

Now now. I didn't mean to post so many blogs about New Moon today. But I can't help if all these things keep coming up now can I?

So Team Jacob and Team Edward water bottles. I don't even know what to say. Except ... I might be needing a new water bottle for the gym.




I just don't like the scruffy look. Oh and especially on the red carpet. How do people find Rob's look sexy? Gross! Please shave Rob!

Dakota Fanning

I am super excited about Twilight - New Moon that is coming on this Friday. I have my midnight showing tickets all ready thanks to the husband. I am super excited about Dakota Fanning. She is just adorable and has grown up so well compared to other actresses her age. She looks amazing in this dress. Great job Dakota and keep up the good work. I can't wait to see you in New Moon!

Angelina & Brad

Just when I thought that Angelina Jolie couldn't get any more weird she comes up with this. Apparently Angelina and Brad are designing jewelry now. The power couple is teaming up with British jeweler Asprey and make serpent like jewelry. When Angelina was pregnant with Shiloh she was given a serpent ring to help protect mother and baby. Since then she is now viewing the snake and a kind of guardian for her family. Weird. However, all net proceeds will go to charity called Educational Partnership for Children of Conflict.

The Kardashian Sisters

Is there anything The Kardashian Sisters can't do?

Well apparently now they will be designing jewelry.

Will you buy their jewelry? The jewelry collection will be for a L.A. brand Virgin Saints and Angels. I love these girls but I am just not sure about the jewelry. Maybe I just need to see more.



So not classy dude

So I am not a huge Laker fan. With that said I like Trevor Ariza. Trevor Ariza went to the Houston Rockets this season and Ron Artest went to the LA Lakers. Now this clips shows Ariza losing his shoe and Artest throwing it in the stands. Classy Ron, classy. Who does that?

Ron get some class.



UK Racist?

So here are the posters for the popular movie Couples Retreat ...

US Version

UK Version
Now you will notice that in the UK Version of the movie poster actors Fazion Love and Kali Hawk are left out. Is this racist? According to the UK they removed the actors that were not as popular or well known in the UK. Hmmm ... does anyone else find it interesting that the 2 actors that were removed because they were not well known in the UK just happen to both be African American Actors? I dunno UK. You might be in trouble.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

So lately I have been obsessed with lip gloss/ lip treatments. With the weather changing from summer/fall/winter so fast here the Valley my skin & lips need some extra help to stay smooth. Fresh's Sugar lip treatment is a must have. It keeps my lips nice and soft. Bonus, Sugar is made with yummy ingredients like ... Sugar! If you haven't tried this product it's a must have. Head to your nearest Sephora and load up on this yummy goodness.

If you hurry Sephora is currently running a gift package for $28 dollars that includes a fulls size Sugar Lip treatment & a small sugar lotion with a gold clutch. Can we say Xmas gift?

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DuWop translucent lip treatment

My new favorite lip treatment is DuWop's icedteas translucent lip treatment in white peach. Awesome way to keep your lips totally kissable and the smell of white peach is delish. Who can resist?

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bad bad Teacher

Another teacher has been arrested here in the valley for having a relationship with a student. Kerman teacher Maria Vega has been arrested for having a relationship with a 17 year old. Maria Vega is a English is a second language teacher and she also coaches the JV girls soccer team.

Now I can understand the student. Thinks teacher is hot. Not that it's correct but I see the point. But what does a 34 year old woman want with a 17 year old boy? Good grief! Is she such a loser that she can't date anyone her own age? Crazy!



Monday, November 9, 2009


Girls girls girls!

Please remember this: You are NOT the exception you are the rule.

If you break up you will not get back together ... you are not the exception.

You can not change him ... you are not the exception

If he says he is not going to call ... he is not going to call ... you are not the exception.

I know you always hear about how "this girl" who changed her boyfriend or "this girl" that broke up with her boyfriend and he came crawling back. Those are exceptions and those do not happen to everyone. If you based your heart on a exception you are bound to get hurt.

Be smart girls like I know you can be.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Bay Bridge still CLOSED

So the Bay Bridge has been closed since last Tuesday night. Caltrans has been trying to repair a cable that snapped. Good luck to the people going to the Bay. Hopefully the bridge opens up again soon.