Thursday, February 4, 2010

Weight Issues in America

So Mrs. Obama talked about her children's weight. She is currently talking about how one-third of American children are classified as over weight. During her talks she mentioned that their own family doctor told her that her girls are overweight. Now there is all this buzz about how Mrs. Obama should not have talked about her children's weight and how it will give them a bad image and also open doors for the public to look at the girls.
In my opinion Mrs. Obama is doing the first thing to let American families (and American mothers) know that their children are over weight and it's time to do something about it. As a country we have the most over weight people compared to other countries. We need to learn to eat right and in our busy life this can be extremely hard. Ignoring the problem never helps. I personally believe that weight effects a lot of things. Health care for instance?
Watching Iron Chef I have learned that that First Family has started a organic garden at the White House and food that is being served there is from the garden. How great is that?
Give the First Lady a break peoples!

2010 Prius under investigation

Sad. So many of you who know me know that I have wanted a Prius for the last few years. Today the US government has started a investigation on the Prius for faulty brakes. Now this is much worse than the accelerator pedal problem in other Toyota cars because you could could always use your break if you feel like your accelerator pedal is retracting too slow. But what do you do if your brake pedal isn't working?!? Apparently this problem stems from the car switching from gas to electric. Sad part is once again this was a known issue to Toyota. Apparently Toyota has already worked on the 2010 model and fixed the problem. But what about all the other Prius? Good grief.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cupcake Pebbles

Now cereal is awesome. You can have it for all 3 meals. Heck! That's what a lot of college students do.

Now I have been informed of a new product that I am dying to try.

I have read articles about this new cereal from Post and rumor has it this is fantastic.

Looks like little sprinkles. Yum! So I went to my local Target to find this so I can make my own judgement. Sadly Targt did not carry it. I am so sad. If anyone has tried this please let me know.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Punxsutawney Phil ... augh more winter

Oybxsutawney Phil say his shadow this morning which mean 6 more weeks of winter. Does anyone else find this weird? How in the world does a ground hog tell how much longer we will have winter? Lame! If you can explain this to me please do because this feels like tarot reading to me.