Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Genes Go a Long Way

What is with the Kardashian genes that make them so hot? Little Kendell Jenner is looking hot in her first modeling gig. Dang! Bruce is going to have to start a gun collection protecting all this girls.

I heart the Kardashian-Jenner clan.



Hands Down

Eva Longoria & Tony Parker are hands down one of the must beautiful couples. I have no words except admiration of her beauty and his hotness. Dang.



Really Kat? Why?

Okay so I think Kat Von D is super pretty. Really ... I do. There is something about her, tattoos and all that make her pretty beautiful. However, the latest celeb gossip is that she is dating Sandra's ex Jesse James.

That's a no bueno! Kat, why would you want to date a cheating bastard? I mean, there are bad boys and then there are jerk offs who would cheat on Sandra Bullock.

Sorry Kat but you can totally do better.




Okay, so I really don't care about Dancing With the Stars. Until I see that the in the upcoming season "The Situation" will be on the cast. Are you kidding me? I am still not going to watch the show, but explain to me how "The Situation" is going to dance on this show? The guy is known for fist pumping and that is pretty much his dancing abilities. Oh reality and getting young people to watch their shows is just too much sometimes.

Oh and do you really want Jersey Shore fans to watch DWTS? I guess it's anything to get ratings.



Oh young people

Oh my goodness! A juror gets replaced for making a post on Facebook regarding the trial she was on. The juror posts "gonna be fun to tell the defendant they're guilty".

The defense lawyer's son was the one who caught her "talking" about the trial on Facebook. He discovered the post while checking jurors' names on the internet. It's beyond smart for his mom to have her son working in her office.

This reminds me of my dad asking why anyone would want a Facebook or Twitter account. My dad has decided that Facebook and Twitter give a person no privacy. Direct quote from my father, "why would I want people to know where I am and what I am doing at all times?". Oh father how right you are. For the super "Facebooker" or "Tweeter" every detail of their lives is posted on the internet for all their "friends" to see. So when one posts, "Off to our honeymoon" everyone knows that your house is packed with goodies and you will be gone for a week. That's like gold to a thief.

Friends, beware of what you post on your Facebook and Twiiter accounts. You just never know who is reading!


FYI, I wonder if the juror will do any jail time.