Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bobby Hundreds from The Hundreds

Wow!  So it's been a very very very long time since I last posted on my blog.  A lot has happen and a lot has not.  But I do promise to blog more.

Today El Hubby and I decided to make a day trip to San Francisco.  Guess who we met?!?  That's right!  Bobby Hundreds from The Hundreds!  The day started out at The Hundreds shop.  It was the first place we stopped at.  El Hubby was hoping to run into Bobby Hundreds since we know from following his blog that he was in town for a collaboration.  We made our purchase at the store with no sign of Bobby Hundreds.  I had noticed on Instagram that Bobby Hundreds had posted that he was at the store.  However, I was too hesitant to ask if Bobby Hundreds was at the store.  We left and continued our shopping day.  El Hubby looked sad.  I felt like I had let down my husband cause I did not ask if Bobby Hundreds was at the store.  So crazy me decided to post a message on Bobby Hundreds Instagram.  Later in the afternoon we headed to Niketown which was our last stop of the day.  When we walked in El Hubby nudged me and said "that's John Hundreds".  I was really starting to feel bad now.  While waiting for El Hubby to shop in his favorite store I decided to sit down and check social media.  To my surprise Bobby Hundreds had replied to my comment on Instagram.  I ran to El Hubby and told him that Bobby Hundreds said to "come back".  So we paid and power walked to The Hundreds.  Guess who was sitting on the bench in front of The Hundred?!?  Bobby Hundreds!

The above picture is El Hubby showing Bobby Hundreds his loot from NikeTown.  Bobby Hundreds is really a cool guy.  I listened while El Hubby chatted with Bobby Hundreds.  It was so nice that Bobby Hundreds took the time to chat with us for awhile.  What an awesome day!


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