Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Donating Bodies

Everyone once in a while I forget why I am a part of Tzu Chi. But as soon as I do I am reminded why I am. Master Cheng Yen makes the hardest things simple.

It's always hard getting people to donate their bodies for medical research but it's even harder for asian people. The Chinese people believe that you don't damage the body before burial. It's a very old believe. If you ask around many people don't even know the exact reason why but they will tell you "if why my parents told me and that's what their parents told them". Well Master Cheng Yen has started a movement for more people to donate their bodies after death. Her reasoning: because society needs you. People have always been conservative in corpse donation but now Tzu Chi has made people more open-minded. In order for medical students to learn they have to practice and for them to practice they have to practice on something. Tzu Chi does a amazing job giving these donors a Buhddist ceremony and educating the students about each individuals and their family before had. The reason: we want compassionate doctors.

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