Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Text Messaging

So text messaging is a huge crazy now. There may even be a chance that more people text message than talk on the phone! My BFF's step mother thinks it's crazy.

But here is my point of view ... you can text message anywhere but you might not be able to call someone anywhere. Also when you are on the phone people near by can hear all about your business, not so when you text message. You can read your text messages whenever it is convenient but you might not be able to answer your phone when it rings. Also this might be important for men ... a text message is a easy response when talking to someone (your girlfriend might take a 30 minutes on the phone trying to tell you something but it might only take her 2 text messages to tell you what happened and your not on the phone going "uh huh") See? There are many positives to text messaging.

Safety first! Please becareful text messaging why driving and walking! (I don't say don't do it cause lets face it ... we do it!)


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