Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Khloe the d-o-g

I know for the last few months this blog has been dedicated to food and recipes.  However, I couldn't help but share this photo of my dog.  This is her reaction when I tell her that I am leaving for work this morning.

The husband and I have wanted a dog since we got married.  We had always imagined ourselves as dog people.  But when we got married we lived in a apartment that did not allow for dogs.  Once we purchased our house the search was on for a dog.  The husband and I probably went to the SPCA everyday that they were open in search of a dog.  In my head I imaged a cute black dog that I could name Reggie.  I have no idea why I wanted a black dog or why I wanted to name him Reggie.  But that is what I had my heart set on.  After months of looking and being disappointed I saw a picture of a black and white pup on the ARF website.  The website showed a link of a video of 5 black and white pups running around and playing.  I forwarded the link to my husband.  The next thing I know the husband sends me a message that he was going there after work.  He had already called and there was only 1 pup left in the litter.  The people at the shelter would hold the pup for him until the end of the day.  I was so excited all during work to see if this was the pup.  When I got to the shelter my husband was already filling out forms with this little barely 8 pound puppy in his lap.  I asked if there were any other cute puppies and without looking up at me he said "we are taking this little girl home".  I have never been this happy that I listened to my husband.  We took took this puppy home and named her Khloe. 

I cannot imagine life without this dog now.  A year and 3 months after adopting Khloe and she has turned from a shy little shelter dog to the princess that runs my house.  I like to joke and say Khloe has a rags to riches story.


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