Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Khloe the pup is quite spoiled.  But I am not too bothered by this because since I currently have no human baby, she is my fur baby.  I heart my dog.

I first heard of Barkbox on Instagram.  I was checking out pictures of other border collies when I noticed one dog had a Barkbox.  Of course curious me had to go check it out and do some research.  Turns out Barkbox is a lot like Birchbox or many of the other monthly subscription boxes.  Each month Barkbox mails out a box of goodies to their subscribers containing toys, treats, and/or grooming products. 

So after consulting El Hubby, I signed Khloe up for a Barkbox subscription.  So far Khloe has received 3 Barkboxes and we have been very happy with them.  The products all seem to be made in the USA.  The treats are usually of the organic nature.  Last month there was a treat that both humans and dogs could enjoy.  El Hubby ate it and said it was bland but peanut buttery.  Khloe has loved all the treats that she has received.  However, some of the toys have been hit and miss.  But since my Bestie has just recently adopted a dog, Khloe the pup will be sharing some of her many toys.  Sharing is caring. 

Keep cooking and enjoying life!


  1. could I use this picture on a brochure for Barkbox is one of the ways we get donations and this picture would be perfect!

    1. Yes, of course you can use this picture of Khloe the pup. She loves her Barkboxes.