Friday, January 18, 2013

Aloha Stadium

Who does not like stadium food?  Not me!  I love stadium food.  Probably because the fat girl in me loves junk food.  Visiting new stadiums is always fun.  However, visiting stadiums with unique food is awesome!

The Aloha Stadium is a lot smaller than I had imagined.  For some reason I always imagined the Aloha Stadium to be HUGE!  Maybe because when you watch any game that is played in Hawaii there is always tons of fans.  Hawaii fans mean business.  The stadium is pretty normal size.   I think if feels smaller because the stadium seats are not raised from the ground but start out ground level.  So it gives the illusion that the stadium is small.  However, the Aloha stadium does not lack in the food department. 

One of the cool things the Aloha Stadium has is fried won tons.  These won tons are filled with spinach and artichoke.  So yummy!

Fresh grilled corn before a game really hits the spot.  I love when you get grilled corn and there are a TON of choices to top it off with.  El Hubby and I got our corn with butter, garlic salt, and paprika.  We were not feeling that adventurous that day.  However, I was excited to wash down my treats with a strawberry icee. 

Yay to stadium food!

Aloha Stadium
99-500 Salt Lake Boulevard
Aiea, HI 96701
(808) 480-2750

Start working out friends cause summer is right around the corner!


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