Saturday, June 1, 2013

Grilled Tri Tip

I am always scared to cook meat.  It just seems scary.  Plus I am not that much of a fan of eating meat either.  But El Husbee loves his meat.  Today we decided to get adventurous and BBQ/grill a tri tip.  We love Costco so of course we got the tri tip from Costco.  Since it was our first time I got the pre-seasoned tri tip.  I love that Costco sells it in 2 pieces.  

sliced after resting

Grilled Tri Tip

pre seasoned trip tip

1.  Heat up grill to around 400 degrees
2.  Grill on each side for about 15 minutes
3.  Rest on cutting board for about 5 minutes
4.  Slice and enjoy

I am not a big fan of meat but this smelled so good even I could not resist.  Not bad for our first time.  El Husbee is getting pretty good at grilling.  I would say that this would be a nice tailgating item in the fall.  Since I don't normally eat beef this is much better for El Husbee to grill and have left overs for other meals instead of steak.  I am thinking maybe some sandwiches tomorrow.  
Start grilling cause summer is here!


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