Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Veggie Garden

A few weeks ago I  went down South to visit family with my mom.  El Hubby was not worried that I was going without him.  His reason was that I was going with "the vegetarian" and "how much fun" could I get in.  Carnivores can be so harsh.

Well we did have lots of Chinese food while in LA but not all was vegetarian.  But we did have a lot of vegetarian food. 

We ate at a vegetarian restaurant called Happy Veggie Garden.   Chinese people make pretty good vegetarian food.  I think I like Chinese vegetarian food the best because most items are hot and not in the salad category.

We ordered a lot of dishes but the one that stands out for me is the beef noodle soup.  Now if you have had spicy beef noodle soup you know what I am talking about.  No, there was no beef in the dish.  But the flavoring was pretty good that you might THINK it was made from beef.  Pretty amazing if you ask me. I think even El Hubby would approve.

Happy Veggie Garden also has some other amazing dishes like orange chicken.  Instead of fried pieces of chicken it is made from fried button mushroom.  Taste just as good and orange chicken without the chicken!

The food also comes with either rice porridge or buns.  Or you can always choose steamed rice too. 

Happy Veggie Garden
1015 S. Nogales Street, Ste 127
Roland Heights, CA 91748
(616) 810-2298

Khloe the pup really likes El Hubby's stinky fee.  I caught her playing with her pineapple on top of El Hubby's slippers.  Weird. 

Keep eating vegetables!


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