Wednesday, July 18, 2012

McDonald's S'more Pie

The best part of camping is making s'mores by the camp fire.  I remember camping with my family when I was younger and enjoying ghost stories while eating s'mores. 

Now that I am married to a husband that does not camp I have not enjoyed s'mores in a long time.  Unless you count making them in the microwave.  Which I don't count. 

McDonald's came out with a s'mores pie.  Of course I tried it.  Duh!  This thing is pretty good.  However it is very rich in flavor.  Realistically I think I can only eat half.  El Hubby and I shared it.  The s'mores pie is basically chocolate and marshmallow wrapped in a graham cracker pie crust.  For fast food, I say this is pretty good.

I am probably bias but I think Khloe the pup is the cutest.  I am such a proud fur mama and until I have a kid she will continue to be spoiled.  Took a pick of her sleeping away.  It looks like she is smiling in her sleep. 

Keep making and finding good food to eat!


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