Tuesday, July 17, 2012


One of my favorite things to eat is noodles.  The best kind of noodles are either handmade or ramen.  When I heard there was a Japanese restaurant making ramen I knew I had to go.

I got the pork ramen and it was delicious.  The broth had a lot of flavor and the ramen was cooked well.  The pork was very tender.  My only complaint was that my ramen was served with half a egg and I would prefer a whole egg.  Otherwise it was perfect.  The portion is also very big.

S21 is a little place.  I really liked the restaurant because now a days it is hard to find a place with no TV or loud music.  El Hubby and I were able to enjoy a nice dinner and conversation.  The service was a little slow.  It looked like there was only 1 server the night we went but he was very nice and helpful.  The ramen took a while to arrive but it is for sure worth the wait.  El Hubby and I had order some sushi so it all worked out.  Ramen is not served everyday.  Ramen is only served on Tuesday and Wednesday for dinner.  I will for sure being going back to S21.

S21 Sushi & Sake Bar
5754 N. First Street
Fresno, CA 93710
(559) 438-7100

Khloe the pup can have a very serious face when she wants to.  She is usually all smiles but occasionally she will stare you down.  Watch out!

Keep eating good food friends!


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